SAIL BOX (Pre Order) LIVE Nov. 1st @ 7pm

SAIL BOX (Pre Order) LIVE Nov. 1st @ 7pm

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Lakelynn Design’s Original Boutique Box

Sail Box Merchandise in non returnable and cannot be exchanged. ALL SALES FINAL.

 What does a Sail Box include?                              •5 Quality Boutique Surprise Products 

What’s inside? 
•That’s where the surprise comes in! 

Can they be exchanged or returned?
•All Inventory for our Sail Boxes is ordered special & in specific quantity. No items can be returned or exchanged for any reason. 

Do we need to subscribe every month? 
•NOPE! You pick & choose when you want to order your box. Just keep in mind, they are only sold on the 1st of the month at 7pm in a limited quantity! 

How do we know if we will like the box? 
•If you like shopping at Lakelynn, or other small businesses that offer fun & exciting products, then you’ll love our Sail Boxes! Each box is hand wrapped with love & products are picked by us! 

SAIL BOXES make great gifts! 
Choose pick up at check out to avoid shipping charges, or if you need it shipped, an additional $7.50 will be charged for shipping & handling. 

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Boxes will NOT be available until  the 15th in store & will not start shipping until the 15th.